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China backs bolder Actions to counter roots of Hong Kong unrest – official

Beijing supports bolder action to attack the roots of unrest that has rocked Hong Kong for weeks, a senior Chinese official said on Wednesday, only hours after a knife-wielding guy assaulted a pro-Beijing lawmaker from the Chinese-ruled city.

Han Zheng, a vice versa, said in a meeting with Hong Kong pioneer Carrie Lam at Beijing that the anti-government protests were detrimental that the”one country, two systems” formula under which the former British colony was dominated since its handover to China in 1997.

“We strongly support the special administrative region authorities to adopt more proactive and more effective steps to fix the societal issues,” said Han, talking at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse at the Chinese capital.

Han explained that societal problems included unaffordable homes in town, which can be categorized as a”special administrative region” of China.

China’s Communist Party said on Tuesday that it wouldn’t tolerate any”separatist behavior” after a few protesters called for liberty.

What began as agitation from a now-scrapped extradition bill, which could have enabled individuals to be routed to southern China for trial, has burst into forecasts for full democracy and an end to sensed Chinese meddling.

Han was assembly Lam only hours after a guy stabbed lawmaker Junius Ho from the chest with a knife, the most recent assault on candidates running from the town’s Nov. 24 district council elections.

A suspect was arrested. He stated in an internet announcement he’d suffered a knife wound to the top left portion of his torso but his life wasn’t in danger. A couple of his colleagues were hurt, he explained.


The attacker’s purpose wasn’t understood, but Ho gained notoriety among anti-government protesters in July if he had been filmed laughing and shaking hands with supposed triad gang members that attacked young demonstrators.

An internet video showed a guy handing Ho yellow blossoms before shooting a weapon from his purse and stabbing him.

Hong Kong’s government strongly condemned the attack and said members of the public ought to”state their views calmly and reasonably in terms of each other”.

Jimmy Sham, a pioneer of Hong Kong’s Civil Human Rights Front, had been conquered by several guys with hammers in October following his team organized mass rallies against the extradition bill.

The pupil fell in the third to the second floor of this parking lot at Tseung Kwan O, at the east of the Kowloon peninsula, throughout bunch dispersal operations at the weekend and has been in critical condition, hospital authorities said.

University president Wei Shyy stated he’d visited the 22-year-old pupil along with his parents.

“I feel that the disposition of our taxpayers, by and large, has worsened due to frustration, debate and since most feel grief,” he informed mad pupils demanding to know what had occurred.

He said the college had delivered a letter to the authorities, requesting instructions on the way they use tear gas.

There were conflicting reports of how the student dropped. Some also have accused authorities of obstructing an evacuation attempting to reach him.

Police said they weren’t shooting tear gas in the time of his collapse but didn’t indicate that he might have been attempting to flee gas. They refused to penalize an ambulance.

“I’ve known him for a single year,” said pupil James, 22. “…He is a quiet individual. I’m worried about him. I expect he’ll wake up”