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China Expects Vietnam does N’t’Reevaluate’ South China Sea Dilemma

China called on Vietnam on Friday not to”complicate” the South China Sea issue, following a senior officer in Vietnam stated it might research legal actions, one of various choices, in its territorial dispute with China across the seas.

Friction has increased between both communist-run nations since China in July delivered a boat to get a months-long seismic poll to an area globally characterized as Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ), but also claimed by China.

Speaking at a seminar in Hanoi on Wednesday, deputy foreign minister Le Hoai Trung stated Vietnam preferred discussions but did have additional possibilities for the contested waterway, such as mediation and litigation.

“We expect that Vietnam faces historical fact and abides by the high-level consensus reached by the two nations, upholds the resolution of this dispute by discussion and consultations also avoids taking action that will complicate the matter and disturb the wider picture of calmness and stability in the South China Sea and bilateral relations,” Geng said.

China maintains almost all of the energy-rich waters of the South China Sea in which it’s established army outposts on artificial islands.

In 2016, the Philippines won a judgment in the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague that invalidated China’s claim on the Majority of the waters after a 2013 case registered by Manila.

China refused to recognize the global court judgment that explained Philippine rights to electricity reserves within its EEZ.

However, Vietnam’s authorities, which plans to get a quantified approach towards its biggest trading partner, China, hadn’t spoken lately of the potential for following suit.