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China Reacts to report it fired laser in US Navy Airplane

China’s Defense Ministry says a record among its navy boats fired a laser at a U.S. Navy surveillance airplane circling overhead doesn’t”accord with fact.”

The report was the most recent accusation that Chinese forces have used lasers to frighten and possibly harm the U.S. and other states’ military aircraft and employees.

In China’s initial pubic remarks on the alleged episode, Ren detained an American P-8A Poseidon of executing”long-period circling reconnaissance in low-altitude despite repeated warnings from the Chinese side.”

“The aircraft’s behavior was unfriendly in goal and unprofessional by performance, which seriously threatened the security of the vessels, crew, and aircraft of either side,” he explained.

Even the U.S. Navy waited over a week before accusing the Chinese boat of shooting a laser in a U.S. surveillance aircraft flying across the Philippine Sea west of Guam, an action the U.S. deemed dangerous and a breach of international codes and arrangements. The announcement out of U.S. Pacific Fleet said the laser was first detected by sensors on the aircraft, but wasn’t visible to the naked eye.

Even the Philippine Sea lies far to the west and north of the South China Sea, which China claims practically in its entirety despite countering claims by other people.

The U.S. has sought to prevent such episodes together with the signing of agreements with China on tackling unexpected events at sea and in the atmosphere, but Beijing has reportedly not followed these protocols consistently.