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‘Chinese virus’:” Donald Trump sparks backlash across coronavirus tweets

The remarks on social websites came after the US President had awarded a presidential speech, warning of a potential downturn.

Donald Trump tweeted for his 74 million followers that”the United States will likely be closely encouraging those businesses, such as Airlines and many others, which are especially influenced by the Chinese “

Trump later repeated his remarks in reaction to criticism against the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo.

“Cuomo needs”all countries to be treated the same.” However, all countries are not the same. Many are hit hard from the Virus, some are being struck almost not at all.”

The US President formerly uttered a supporter who predicted COVID-19 that a”China virus”.

The World Health Organization and Centre for Disease Prevention and Control have advised against using conditions that connect China or the town of Wuhan into the virus, to prevent discrimination.

Trump’s remarks have received widespread condemnation in the scientific community and therefore are likely to raise tensions between the world’s two largest savings throughout the pandemic.

A former US doctor, Eugene Gu, stated on Twitter the US President’s remarks were”beyond reprehensible”

“We urge the US to quickly fix its errors and quit making groundless accusations against China.”

Geng added that it’s a matter of urgency the global community creates co-operative, concerted efforts against the spread of Coronavirus.

The Global Times published on Twitter, that can be blocked in China, that Trump was attempting to”pass the buck”.

Hours before Trump’s discussion, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had taught leading Chinese officials to not”shift the blame” for its Coronavirus.

Amnesty International has remarked that Coronavirus” isn’t a Chinese virus or even an American virus. It is a worldwide pandemic”.

“Leaders need to direct [and] protect all individuals.”