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Christopher Columbus Figurines Eliminated in Chicago Following protesters clash with police

Two statues of Christopher Columbus in Chicago have been eliminated by town police after protesters hoping to ditch among those monuments into the Italian explorer teeming with authorities.

The next statue was eliminated at approximately 5:30 am from Arrigo Park in Chicago’s Little Italy neighborhood.

In a statement issued following the figurines were shot down, the office of Democratic mayor, Lori Lightfoot said that they had been”temporarily eliminated… until further notice”

It said the removals were”in reaction to demonstrations which became dangerous for both protesters and authorities, in addition to attempts by people to pull on the Grant Park statue down in a very dangerous way.”

“This measure is all about an attempt to protect public security and to maintain a protected area for an inclusive and democratic people dialogue concerning our town’s logos,” the mayor’s office stated in the announcement, which stated the statues were eliminated after”consultation with numerous stakeholders.”

The figurines’ elimination came after hundreds of protesters assembled on Thursday night near Lightfoot’s house to phone for defunding the Chicago Police Department. The audience cheered when an activist employed a megaphone to notify them that Lightfoot will be eliminating the Grant Park statue.

“Thanks for your statue, today defund CPD,” the protesters shouted after an organizer led the audience in a celebratory chant, ” the Chicago Sun-Times paper reported.

In a succession of tweets, Lightfoot stated: “We shall shortly be announcing a formal procedure to estimate the monuments, memorials, and murals across Chicago’s communities, and create a framework for a public dialog to find out the way we increase our city’s diversity and history.”

Plans to eliminate the Grant Park statue were initially reported Thursday night from the Chicago Tribune newspaper along with also the elimination followed of outspoken confrontations between supporters and enemies of the statue.

“This statue coming down is due to the attempt of Native and Black activists who understand the real background of Columbus and what he symbolizes,” Stefan Cuevas-Caizaguano, a resident viewing the elimination, informed the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Grant Park and Arrigo Park statues were vandalized a month. Statues of Columbus also have been toppled or vandalized in additional U.S. cities as protesters have called for their elimination, stating that Columbus is accountable for the genocide and exploitation of indigenous peoples from the Americas.

Pasquale Gianni of the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans said the mayor had advised him beforehand that both figurines would be transferred and briefly placed elsewhere for public security reasons.

“The American neighborhood feels betrayed. The mayor’s office is giving to a vocal and damaging minority. This isn’t the way the democratic process is supposed to operate,” he informed WLS-TV.

During a Friday press conference at Arrigo Park in the front of this fenced-in base that held that park Columbus statue, activist Raul Montes Jr. known for Lightfoot to step ordering the elimination of the 2 statues. He explained that figurines’ elimination was an insult to Italian Americans who helped”build this nation.”

“She’s erased history and this is a slap in the face of Italian Americans. … We need justice,” Montes said to applause by other people assembled in the playground.

Lightfoot and the town intended to announce a procedure” to evaluate each one of those monuments, memorials, and murals across Chicago’s communities, and create a framework for producing a public dialog to find out how we increase our city’s diversity and history,” the mayor’s office added in its announcement.