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Climate activist Greta Thunberg Matches with Barack Obama in US

Barack Obama satisfied with adolescent climate activist Greta Thunberg at Washington, the former US president said Tuesday.

Obama declared the Monday meeting through Twitter, hailing the 16-year-old as”among the world’s best supporters .”

“No one is too little to have an effect and change the world, therefore only do all you can. Be inventive,” Thunberg mentioned throughout the assembly.

“me and you, we are a group,” said Obama, before requesting the young activist when she thought in fist-bumping, to which she responded in the affirmative.

“Recognizing her creation will bear the brunt of climate change, she is unafraid to push real actions,” Obama wrote on Twitter.

On Friday, Thunberg participates in a climate protest in front of the White House at Washington, and on September 20 will take part in a”global climate attack” from New York alongside other demonstrations across the globe.