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Climate protesters Show outside Frankfurt Auto show

The team, known as Sand in Getriebe that translates into Sand from the gearbox said that they had been demonstrating against what they predict the climate and surroundings destroyers made by the automobile market.

Wearing white protective suits, the activists stood in the front of the grounds in which the auto show has been held.

This is not the first protest because the series opened.

On Saturday several thousands of people marched in the front of the series holding placards that said STOP SUV and”we can not replace our lungs”.

Authorities stated 15,000 demonstrators attended the demonstration’s organizers said the amount was 25,000. The vast majority of those demonstrators cycled into Frankfurt along highways briefly closed for the event.

Saturday’s protesters encouraged German carmakers to accelerate a transition to hydrogen and electric vehicles.

The protests come as the German government is set to unveil plans to create 65 percent of its electricity come from renewable resources by 2030.