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Communist party is’Pioneer of religions’ in China

Last updated on February 5, 2020

All religions in China must now appear until the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) for leadership and market its policies, based on new regulations that came into effect this month.

The principles, that have been criticized by religious classes, put down measures for oversight and government of religions from the nation from the National Religious Affairs Administration of China.

In December, the National Religious Affairs Administration of China had published a group of regulations about the management of religious classes.

“In six chapters and 41 posts, the regulations include information on the business, functions, oversight, and direction of religious classes. They stipulate that spiritual affairs departments of people’s governments would be the administrative bodies of spiritual groups, and ought to perform their functions like directing and supervising the classes’ performance,” the state media had reported to the regulations.

The regulations state all religions and relevant organizations need to encourage the CPC’s leadership and encourage that the”Sinicisation” of religions.