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Corbyn calls for election Before Brexit showdown

Last updated on September 2, 2019

Labour pioneer Jeremy Corbyn has branded Boris Johnson’s strategy to suspend parliament before the Brexit deadline October 31 that an”assault on Christianity”

Talking in Salford before parliament returning Tuesday in the summer recess, he struck out at the”phoney populist cabal” that he said was attempting to”ignore laws it does not like.”

“This is a struggle of many against the couple,” he explained, of the struggle to avoid a no bargain Brexit.
Corbyn is known for a general election in which Labour could”give people to take control.”

He claimed a Labour government would enable a further referendum on the choices of a Brexit deal,” such as the opportunity to stay.”

Opposition figures and rebel M.P.s about the bargain have just a couple of days to pass legislation which could stop Johnson from departing the E.U. with no deal on October 31.

In a language which named-checked both trade unions and the City of London, Corbyn reported that a no bargain Brexit would function as the death-knell for the U.K. automotive sector.

He cried the adverse effect that no arrangement would have on employees with”billionaire hedge-funders” that back Johnson’s authorities.

Corbyn stated that Johnson’s strategy for Brexit would force Britain to the palms of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Speaking about Labour’s electoral system, Corbyn said: “We’ll join with other people to attempt to stop a no-deal departure from the E.U.”

“Our stance was one – all together – of knowing the choice created in 2016, but also doing our best as a celebration, and as motion, to safeguard jobs in regions – most of which voted depart – that have observed no investment in 20 decades.”