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Coronavirus and tourism: Iceland pitches for post-lockdown Traffic

A pandemic may not be the best of days to court vacationers, but Iceland considers it has a great deal to offer you nowadays.

Not many COVID-19 instances, enormous open landscapes, along with a very low population density are a number of the arguments Iceland’s tourism ministry is touting to tempt back travelers to the nation.

“It’s simple to go about without needing to maintain close contact with different individuals,” Minister of Tourism, Industry and Innovation Thordis Kolbrun Gylfadottir advised Euronews at a live meeting.

“And I believe after challenging months and weeks, it’d be quite amazing to walk and come around in amazing nature together with all the social distancing (…) we’ve got here in Iceland.”

Iceland now intends to reopen to global travelers by June 15 to revive its tourism business, which accounts for approximately 9 percent of the nation’s GDP.

“We will need to learn how to live with COVID-19,” Gylfadottir explained. “It is also quite essential for the market to have an open nation.”

Iceland has up to now confirmed only over 1,800 instances of COVID-19 and 10 deaths from the illness. It’s reported only a couple of new instances in May.

Tested on birth
The government says it was able to contain the spread of this virus around the island because of a strategy of competitive testing, contact tracing, and quarantine.

Icelanders have been cooperating nicely with social distancing principles, and governments haven’t felt the necessity to present some other curfews, Gylfadottir stated, adding that both Icelanders and overseas tourists should feel secure in the nation.

The complete logistics of the have yet to be ironed out, but here is the thought: Boys will probably be analyzed when they arrive at Reykjavik airport. While they await the results, they’ll be asked to obtain a monitoring app and visit their hotel or another lodging. A couple of hours after, they’ll be provided the result of the evaluation at a text message when it is negative, and above a telephone call if it is positive.

What exactly happens if you test positive?
“That is something we will use another few months to plan. But we’ll most likely have a home for those which test positive.

She said police will review the plan over time and may reevaluate it because the situation evolves.

“However, the first couple of months we’ll surely examine everybody. Or they will opt to go to a 14-day quarantine, which I think not many vacationers will choose to perform.”