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Coronavirus: Belgium hospital Uses robot to protect against COVID-19

A robot that talks dozens of languages, finds calls, and fever out people if they are not wearing face masks correctly is assisting a hospital in Belgium restrict the spread of coronavirus.

As patients arrive in Antwerp University Hospital (UZA) that they are provided a QR code to scan in the robot, which instantly checks if they’re wearing masks as needed. If their mask isn’t properly covering their nose and mouth, the robot pushes them to fix that.

The robot, known as Cruzr Health, also takes patients’ temperatures to display them. If this temperature is within reach, mask-wearing sufferers receive a green light to go for their appointment.

“The security is the priority, however on the other hand you do not want patients to wait patiently,” clarifies MichaĆ«l Vanmechelen, director of UZA.

“You do not need there to be long queues, so the stream is essential too. We will need to command, to test more than we ever did earlier and the robot might help us do these tests.”

The robot will replace the need to get an individual to track the warmth cameras now installed in the hospital’s entrance.

It talks 34 languages and its designers insist it is completely reliable for your tasks it has been delegated.

“Obviously if you ask me whether it is reliable to discover if you’ve COVID-19 or maybe not yet. Nonetheless, it is a robot that’s also prepared for several other potential ailments to come later on, which is likely combined with fever and other matters.”

It is deployed at this particular hospital for the time being, but robots such as this one may be used around to support the struggle against the coronavirus.