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Coronavirus: Claim that COVID-19 was Discovered in Europe This past year is highly Improbable, says professor

A professor of infectious diseases has cast doubt on claims traces of coronavirus that have already been found in wastewater across the world collected before the epidemic beginning in China.

There were reports of coronavirus being found in samples in Barcelona relationship from March 2019, Italy in December, also Brazil in November, however, these studies are yet to become peer-reviewed.

“Fundamental epidemiology will inform there was an epicenter at the Wuhan area and it spread out there so that I think that it’s very unlikely that it has been lying dormant for decades and then suddenly popped up,” Lundgren informed Euronews.

“I’d need to ensure theory becomes substantiated with proof because that concept looks far-fetched.”

Jefferson, an honorary senior research fellow in the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University, made the remarks from an interview at the Telegraph paper, in which he promised germs could lie dormant, emerging when circumstances are right.

The only example that he gave, which will be reported in the guide, in the event of the Spanish Flu spreading to Western Samoa in 1918, murdering”around 30 percent” of the populace.

“They had not had any communication with the external world,” he maintained, meaning that the only explanation might be that the influenza was already there and something made it to emerge.

That something can be”human density or ecological conditions, which is what we must be searching for,” Jefferson added.

There’s nevertheless a great number of sources easily available on the internet that say people disembarked from a ship on Western Samoa from 1918, bringing the Spanish Flu together. 1 such instance is a post on a site published by the authorities of New Zealand, especially the Research and Publishing Group of the New Zealand Ministry for Culture and Heritage.

“With this particular coronavirus, the natural host appears to be these bats (that reside in Wuhan),” says Lundgren. Viruses require a host to live and disperse, he insists.

“For flu, it is either dinosaurs or birds typically. Nonetheless, it ought to have a server. It may survive for a few hours to a day or two out of their server, on surfaces, in the dirt, but it is not dormant.

“The most logical method of describing things is the perfect one. In biology, it’s normally what science has educated us for many years that is the perfect thing to do. It’s fine to question that, but you want to bring evidence instead of speculation.”

He explains that scientists have discovered segments of the same genetic material in the virus in various locations, but that is only”molecular proof that there’s common genetic material”.

He states that instead of demonstrating this is the same virus, it”only proves there have been other viruses using the overlapping genetic substance.” It’s also possible there have been lab mistakes, he adds, anticipating the debate on this particular subject to go on for a certain time.

“It is implausible that there was a concealed pandemic before it started. If that is the assertion, that is a fairly wild accusation really, as it flies in the face of all we know about the way this outbreak has evolved.”

For Lundgren, the vital things experts will need to be exploring are the way the virus obtained from bats to people, while it’s growing in the nerves, and”more importantly,” whether it could occur again.

Dr. Jefferson hasn’t reacted to Euronews’ petition to comment on this report.