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Coronavirus crisis sparks race to Get inventive solutions

History has shown us that in times of catastrophe, people get creative. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a flurry of initiatives throughout Europe.

In northern Italy, a little organization is fast-tracking the creation of respiratory valves using a 3D printer.

COVID-19 frequently contributes to the Venturi valves, since they’re understood, assist patients to breathe and may save lives.

The project started a little more than a week ago and has rapidly expanded to over 600 members.

It expects to make prototypes for analyzing and supporting a healthy environment following week.

Back in Spain, residents at the little village of Sentmenat in Catalonia have taken things into their own hands in a bid to aid with a lack of protective masks.

They’ve begun stitching the face wear with clothes donated by local factories.

With just a small workshop and a couple of sewing machines, the sailors prepare heaps of masks regular for door-to-door distribution.