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Coronavirus: Finland is stockpiling paracetamol over fears of Another wave

Finland has begun stockpiling drugs including paracetamol and dexamethasone as the nation prepares for another tide of coronavirus, police said on Tuesday.

Consumers will be permitted to purchase three-months worthiness of paracetamol and dexamethasone at one time till at least January, that the Ministry of Health stated, to “prepare for potential growth in global demand” during fall and winter.

International supplies of paracetamol – commonly utilized as a treatment for fevers – have been struck following the COVID-19 pandemic motivated a few nations, such as in China, to reduce production.

“We’re taking this step to ensure if the logistics and supply issues of paracetamol persist, we’ve got enough for each patient who wants it,” Ministry of Health’s Noora Oinonen told AFP.

British research published in June revealed that dexamethasone significantly reduces mortality in patients badly influenced by COVID-19.

However, the medication, a potent steroid, should just be utilized for individuals” in critical or serious condition”, cautioned the World Health Organization (WHO), that hasn’t approved its use contrary to the virus.

“We just have a little market for dexamethasone in Finland, therefore if the WHO urges it in its guidelines, there’s a danger that sales of this medication increase quickly,” Oinonen explained.

Finland has reported that a total of almost 7,800 coronavirus instances with 334 associated deaths.

Following a relatively calm July, instances have spiked in August using 284 new cases recorded as the start of the month.

The nation’s institute for health and welfare (THL) has advocated wearing face-coverings on public transportation in that the worst-affected areas.

Border controllers are still set up for people traveling to Finland from Austria, Spain, Luxembourg, Portugal, Poland, France, Sweden, Slovenia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Andorra, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Monaco, and the United Kingdom.