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Coronavirus: Former Italian PM Mario Monti on Europe’s’slow’ Response

The World Health Organization says Italy is entering uncharted territory and it might have a great deal to educate the organization and the remainder of the planet.

Over a million people have died from COVID-19 from the nation and 15-thousand happen to be infected.

On Wednesday Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte added new constraints into the lockdown imposed to combat with the new coronavirus after figures revealed Italy posting the greatest daily rise in deaths of almost any nation since the outbreak started.

The prime minister said Italy has been demonstrated to be an excellent example to the rest of the planet using its answer to the worldwide pandemic.

Monti, who held the office out of 2011-2013, stated he had not seen anything like it in his life.

“For some reason which might need to be clarified day, we’ve been struck by the virus coming out of China considerably before other western nations, and from this instant, the response from the public government was remarkably vigorous for Italy and remarkably approved and complied with by the Italian people “

“We wonder – appearing at other European nations – why the response has been substantially slower since they had the example hand for a couple of weeks already?”

“When I visit several declarations by some heads of government of western European nations or the United States I am astounded by the mix of both slowness and incorrect tonalities,” said Monti.