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Coronavirus: Greece Closes Serbia Boundary amid COVID-19 spike at the Balkans

Borders closed and Limitations tightened amid Balkans spike

Greece has shut its border with Serbia till July 15 following a spike in cases prompted authorities to announce an emergency in the capital Belgrade.

Three hospitals in Belgrade, following a break of just a month, have now been changed back to coronavirus-only facilities.

It comes following the country recorded its greatest growth in diseases since April.

Limits also have been tightened in Kosovo.

Police also have told companies to cut back their employees to the minimum restaurant cafe and restaurants are working in open spaces just.

Prime Minister Abdullah Hoti stated he will not be afraid to announce a state of emergency if the situation needs it.

Spain and Germany maintain confinement measures to combat local outbreaks

Spain, one of Europe’s worst-affected nations, has set some 270,000 individuals back to lockdown in two days following a spike in cases from the northern areas of Galicia and Catalonia.

Back in Germany, a nation which has been combating new outbreaks also, the health ministry resisted on Monday calls to fall guidelines requiring people to wear masks shops, a petition coming from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania – that the German country least affected by COVID-19.

Also in Germany, MTU Aero Engines declared on Monday it intends to reduce staffing by 10-15percent from the end of next year, including to the lengthy list of businesses, a lot of that in the aviation industry, which needed to slash their work due to the pandemic.

There was better news from the cultural industry.

The united kingdom government has pledged over $1.7 billion to assist hardly-hit cultural places like museums, galleries, theaters, cinemas and music halls.

It follows an open letter signed by artists such as Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Little Mix, Dua Lipa, and Rod Stewart requesting the British associations into the rescue the Nation’s live music scene after the ban on mass-gatherings.

Other positive signals in France, in which the Louvre museum, hosting famous artworks such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, has reopened following a 16-week shutdown.

India moves Russia to enroll the next most COVID-19 instances on the Planet

In different areas of the world, India’s COVID-19 instances keep climbing and have struck almost 700,000.

The country has overtaken Russia to become, regarding infections, the planet’s third-worst-hit nation.

It follows a fresh record in daily illnesses according to Sunday.

New Delhi officials fear the capital alone can attain a minimum of half a million cases at the end of July.

Neighbouring Pakistan, which has had over 230,000 instances, keeps recording illnesses among government members.

Health minister Zafar Mirza was the most recent person to test positive, ” he declared on Monday, just a couple of days later foreign minister Mahmood Qureshi stated he’d caught the virus.

Africa reopens airspace

Many nations in Africa have resumed or will restart flights in an attempt to increase the tourism industry.

That’s even over 460,000 confirmed instances on the continent, though largely in South Africa and Egypt.

The latter reopened its airports on Wednesday, following three weeks of shutdown.

Senegal started international flights will start on July 15. Kenya Airways needs to resume international flights also.

Last week, the number of international flights jumped significantly.

Chile and Mexico’s deaths grow upward in hardly-hit Latin America

In Latin America, in which the entire number of COVID-19 instances lately uttered Europe’s, Chile spanned the 6,000 deaths indicate on Sunday.

It comes just a day after Mexico became the fifth largest nation in the world for the number of deaths, hitting 30,000. Brazil, however, remains the region’s worst-affected country by far.

As per a Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center tally, coronavirus has obtained over 530,000 lives and infected over 11 million individuals internationally.

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