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Coronavirus Help corridor from China to Spain Shutting down

Among the past clinical aid flights in Shanghai came in Madrid on Friday, piled full of protective gear.

An air corridor was working since the end of March as soon as the outbreak in Spain has been worsening.

Spanish airline company Iberia has been operating with a logistics company and a medical federation to maintain the equipment rolling in.

It is not simply masked, but protective suits, but the vital elements to construct ventilators as well as specialized components for hospital beds.

Around three flights are coming in each week but they are passenger jets, not freight airplanes, so a number of the boxes that the help is in are designed to play into the passenger seats.

Normally four captains and four co-pilots nearly half an hour on board the airplane, the time necessary to fly into Shanghai, load up and fly again.

The teams now have to come back to their temporary lay-off since the coronavirus strikes the aviation industry.

Many political analysts describe it as coronavirus diplomacy, an opportunity for China to do its little over the world platform.

Plus it’s as Beijing weathers more criticism for its response to this outbreak, and because of its repressive activities, most recently in Hong Kong in which it’s broken down on protesters and sought to exert control over the former British territory.

Iberia has also been flying medical supplies into South America such as Brazil that’s the worst-hit nation in the world.

Nonetheless, it’s dwarfed by China’s charity: Beijing says it’s provided medical help to 140 nations.