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Coronavirus: Italian Authorities arrest two men for Murdering More than 8,000 face masks

Italian authorities have detained two men in Brindisi on suspicion of stealing 12,000 face masks throughout the COVID-19 quarantine.

They’re accused of supplying the guy, who possessed a normal household goods store, a part-payment cheque of $8,000 to the selling of their disposable TNT masks, based on this Carabinieri.

But whenever the masks came, they persuaded the retailer to go to an industrial place at Oria, in which they jeopardized that the shopkeeper”having a knife” and then”struck him with fists”.

They are then thought to have stole 8,100 face masks plus another part-payment cheque of $4,000.

The shopkeeper was able to walk to Oria and raise the alert.

The authorities say they could identify and detain the suspects following a direct investigation and had regained”nearly all of the loot” along with the cheque that was stolen.