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Coronavirus: Italian winemakers Need to convert unsold Inventory into hand sanitiser

Winemakers in Italy wish to convert their unsold inventory into hand sanitizing gel, which can be in high demand amid the coronavirus pandemic.

They’ve surplus wine inside their tanks following the nation’s long lockdown abandoned restaurants and pubs shut.

Now, with all the new crop season coming, they’re eager to consume space and also help alleviate shortages of sanitizer.

“But I have not seen our tanks complete at the end of May. Grapes are already visible and we must do it.”

Farming union Confagricoltura has requested the Italian authorities to allow authorization to turn the wine to sanitizer. It needs a fast answer from Rome and financial aid for the surgery.

Distilleries stand prepared to assist.

“This step will be favorable since it is likely to make it a lot easier for wine producers to market their inventory and it’ll assist us, the distillers, to have sufficient raw material to its hand-gel manufacturing,” explained Antonio Emaldi, distillery manager in Ravenna, central Italy, and also president of the federal marriage of distillers (ASSODIL).

However, not all winemakers seem to be happy to utilize their wine for these functions.

Giuseppe Prestia, that conducts on the five-hundred-year-old farm near Reggio Emilia, central Italy, states this kind of operation could be”unthinkable”.

“Organic wineries such as us operate on high-end products which could not be used to earn hand sanitizers,” he explained.

“What we request the EU and the Italian authorities is to invest in our company to let us survive this catastrophe.”