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Coronavirus: Joe Biden Asserts vaccine Will Probably be’free for Everybody’ in US under Strategy to fight virus

“When we’ve got a safe and effective vaccine, then it needs to be free for everybody if you’re not,” he said, introducing his strategy to”get in front of this virus” at Wilmington, Delaware, only 11 days before the presidential election on November 3.

President Donald Trump, who’s lagging behind Biden from the polls, wants the upcoming vaccine against the virus, which might be prepared within the upcoming few weeks, to be liberated.

Democrats blame the Republican billionaire for failing to set in place a powerful national response to the pandemic, that has killed over 223,000 people in the USA, the world’s most populous nation.

“COVID-19 surpasses anything we have faced lately and it shows no signs of slowing down,” Biden said, pointing out that”that the virus is growing more powerful in virtually every nation” in America.

“We have been in this catastrophe for nearly eight months and also the president has no strategy,” stated the 77-year-old former Vice President.

“He’s abandoned you. He’s left you, he’s left your loved ones and he’s left America,” he hammered home at a televised address.

If chosen, the Democrat nominee vowed to”instantly” set up a national plan” to eventually get in front of the virus and begin living again”.

He wishes to consult with the governors of the 50 states throughout the transition period, before his inauguration on January 20.

Once in power, he’d especially call on Congress to pass significant legislation to fund the struggle against the coronavirus and might present the compulsory wearing of masks from national buildings and interstate transportation.

Trump defended his handling of this coronavirus pandemic in the past presidential debate of this election campaign on Thursday, regardless of the surge of fresh daily events in the nation.

“We are rounding the turn, we are rounding the corner,” Trump claimed. “It is going off.”