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Coronavirus: Medical mask Wholesalers targeted by armed Group in Ukraine

Three men accused of resisting 100,000 masks designed to safeguard against the coronavirus are detained by authorities in Ukraine.

Several men and women that have been selling masks were assaulted by armed thieves, the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office said in a declaration, during encounters between resellers and possible buyers.

Iryna Venedyktoval, Ukraine’s general prosecutor, said the men presented themselves as members of their security forces and requested their victims to lie on the floor before accepting the masks.

The worth of the stolen goods is estimated at approximately 44,000 euros.

In the middle of this coronavirus catastrophe, medical masks have become a rare commodity in Ukraine, which can be taking extreme steps to stem the pandemic.

It’s now almost impossible to locate them in shops and their costs have jumped in certain shops, AFP reported.

On Tuesday, restaurants, cafes, cultural locations and shopping facilities in the nation were shut.

By Wednesday, the nation’s three bus and metro networks, in addition to trains and airplanes, are also suspended.

According to the most recent official record, Ukraine counts seven confirmed cases of coronavirus and one dead person.