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Coronavirus: New Caledonia separatists Desire France Liberty vote postponed Because of COVID-19

They are interested in having the vote splitting from Paris, scheduled for September 6 and the second in a couple of decades, to be set back on account of the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and also to prevent it overlapping with elections.

“It’s apparent that the first program is somewhat turned upside down,” explained Louis Mapou, head of the National Union for Independence (UNI) movement.

“The next round of the elections will happen in June that we have been supposed to have completed in March,” he added.

France formally annexed New Caledonia in 1853.

However, within its decolonization process, Paris, in 1998, signed up the Nouméa Agreement, which officially gave New Caledonia the best to maintain an independence vote twenty-five decades afterward, in 2018.

This has been held on November 4, 2018. Voters rejected dividing from France by 56.4 percent to 43.6 percent.

President Emmanuel Macron stated that he was”thrilled” New Caledonia had shown faith in the French Republic.

But under the conditions of the 1998 deal, New Caledonia can hold another ballot in 2020 as well as a third in 2022 in the event the land’s legislature agrees.

This past year, another referendum was scheduled for September 6, 2020.

What is next?
UNI says it’s going to hold discussions about a fresh referendum date on Friday.

Victor Tutugoro, a dominant figure in the pro-independence Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Front (FLNKS), stated he’d love to vote from the end of October to prevent overlapping with the civil war effort.

Sonia Backès, president of New Caledonia’s South Province and also anti-independence figure, has compared postponing the date.

“We gave our word for September 6we do not wish to postpone it all,” she told AFP, accusing the separatists of”placing stress on the country”.

COVID-19 warms up New Caledonia’s political worries

Daniel Goa, president of this Union Calédonienne, among the key organizations of the FLNKS, known as the sacking of their high commissioner and his team, in addition to the commander of the armed forces.

He also lambasted the”Jacobin vision” of the country in handling the COVID-19 tragedy, calling it”partisan and disloyal”.

He also accused the military of not respecting the quarantine protocol on birth in the capital town Nouméa.

New Caledonia has been the very first French land to start lifting lockdown limitations, on April 20.

The nation, which has a population of over 270,000, has thus far only had 18 COVID-19 cases, with no deaths listed, based on Johns Hopkins University.