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Coronavirus Newest: Trump Checks negative, Australia orders self-quarantine

Australia’s prime minister claims all travelers arriving in the nation might need to self-isolate to get 14 days to attempt to stem the spread of this new coronavirus.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison made the statement Sunday following a telephone hookup with all the leaders of Australian states and territories leaders under a new federal cabinet assembly.

Morrison told reporters in Sydney the steps will be indefinite and will be assessed occasionally.

Morrison also prohibited all cruise ships from docking in Australian ports for a minimum of 30 days.

The steps are very similar to what New Zealand declared on Saturday.

The White House started assessing the temperature of anybody coming into contact with the president and other officials.

Before his analysis, Trump said his doctor told him he did not show symptoms and did not need to choose the test. However, Trump chose to do it anyhow after repeated inquiries from reporters about why he had been hesitating to experience screening when he was subjected to at least three individuals who’ve tested positive for the virus.

“One week later having dinner together with the Brazilian delegation at Mar-a-Lago, the President remains symptom-free,” Sean Conley, ” the president’s doctor, stated in a memo.

The president, according to two people near the White House, was unwilling to take the test for fear it’d endeavor anxiety or weakness. Trump wanted to seem in complete control throughout the catastrophe and had voiced worries that taking private steps could undermine this look.

Trump, 73, is regarded as a greater risk of complications from the disorder due to his age. He has tried to decrease the threat posed by the virus and proceeded to engage in behaviors that health officials have been warning the general public against.

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