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Coronavirus: Newspaper round-up Following COVID-19 epicentre Changes to Europe

Ever since that time, the amount of cases has jumped out of China, jumping by almost 250%.

So, just how are European and international papers reporting the about the pandemic?


Weekly magazine Der Spiegel names its variant as”the battle has started”, questioning how nicely practices are ready for the pandemic.

Der Tagesspiegel, a German daily newspaper, headlines using all the hit to the market, reporting that the nation has become a recession.


La Stampa, yet another Italian daily paper, reports with Pope Francis calling people” to not be frightened” amid the pandemic, while reporting to the Italian authorities assessing an expansion of the quarantine steps until the end of April.

The Lombardy area remains in the middle of the catastrophe, together with Italy moving beyond the amount of documented deaths in China.


El País, a Spanish daily paper, headlines using the financial consequences of the pandemic – stating that half of Spaniards fear they might lose their job as a result of a catastrophe.

Also, it reports on a strategy by the Spanish Ministry of Public Health to employ students and acquaintances in the health care professionals to increase numbers by 50,000. A similar strategy was started in Ireland, together with 40,000 dedicating thus far.

It reports the amount of contamination can reach 2.5 million in 10 days.


Portuguese daily paper, Público, headlines together with the authorities decrees as confirmed instances in Portugal tip within the 1,000 mark. Portugal has become the latest European nation to shut all non-essential stores, advocating people to operate from home if possible.


Le Parisien, the French daily paper, headlines with the way individuals in France have been responding to the rigorous lockdown steps declared by French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday. “The next day at quarantine and lots of French are outside of the homes”.

The headline about the daily paper Libération includes the situation confronted by front-line health professionals, amid a lack of crucial equipment. Its headline thanks medical staff at the forefront of this catastrophe.


The Irish Times headlines using the Irish authorities payment programs for those unemployed as a result of COVID-19. Additionally, it offers the government’s call for individuals to heed the social bookmarking coverage.

United Kingdom

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson claims that the”wave” of COVID-19 can turn in 12 weeks.


Art on the front page of this weekly book, The New Yorker, reveals a vacant Grand Central Station in New York.

The front page of each week magazine The Economist, reveals a universe closed for company, as shopfronts closed and countless self-indulgent towards the mounting pandemic.