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Coronavirus: Norwegian cruise line cancels Surgeries Following dozens test positive

Four team members of this MS Roald Amundsen tested positive on Friday and an extra 32 were found to have contracted the disease on Saturday — that the rest 122 staff members tested negative.

Five passengers were confirmed to have been infected.

All 41 people are admitted to hospital at Tromso, a town north of the Arctic Circle, in which the boat docked.

“A preliminary investigation indicates that there’s been a collapse in many of our internal processes,” Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam stated in a statement. He included the firm that spat along Norway’s scenic coast between Bergen from the southeast and Kirkenes in the northwest is”currently in the practice of a complete inspection of procedures and all elements of our handling”.

“In light of this recent growth in new cases of COVID-19 internationally, the only responsible alternative would be to suspend all expedition sailings until we’re completely confident, we could fulfill our operations by requirements from the government and with the stricter requirements we’ve set for ourselves,” Skjeldam also stated.

Operations for three boats — MS Roald Amundsen, MS Fridtjof Nansen, and MS Spitsbergen — happen to be canceled for an extended period.

The business said that it has contacted each of the passengers that boarded the MS Roald Amundsen about the July 17 and July 24 passing dates — 209 and 178 guests respectively.

However, since the cruise ship line frequently functions as a nearby ferry, traveling from port to port across Norway’s western shore, the virus might not have been contained onboard. Some passengers disembarked along the road and might have spread the virus into their regional communities.

The municipality of Tromsoe is advocating anyone who went to the boat or had some contact with the boat to get in contact with health authorities.

Hurtigruten Vice President for Global Communications, Rune Thomas Ege, emphasized in a statement which”all team members are carefully screened and tracked daily.”

“Non-Norwegian team members are quarantined before boarding the boat, and also non-European crew should experience two negative COVID-19 evaluations before leaving their home nation,” he added.

The cruising sector has been special badly-hit by the international pandemic with sailing but ceased at mid-March with different ships getting big quarantine zones.