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Coronavirus: Police deny Assert Dutch air force Has Been set to Overthrow Roads

A false message on Twitter, along with the authorities emblem, said that the nation’s air force could be disinfecting the roads over the weekend.

But Dutch authorities have said the messages are”not accurate” and have asked for folks to eliminate them from social networking.

The Royal Air Force of the Netherlands also said that the message has been”wrong” and led taxpayers to the official steps declared by the Dutch authorities.

Twitter says they’ve “invested significantly in our proactive skills” to decrease disinformation about COVID-19 in their stage.

In a statement to Euronews, WhatsApp included they advocate”all customers to examine the details on the internet before sharing messages which were offered to them”.

“We invite users to participate directly with official and trusted resources for important details.”

On March 16, Prime Minister Mark Rutte declared that Dutch citizens should operate from the house where possible and maintain a space of 1.5-metres apart when they flew.

Schools, nurseries and lots of public services in the united states have been closed till April 6.