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Coronavirus: Polish President Duda tests positive during COVID-19

Blazej Spychalski stated on Twitter the 48-year-old conservative leader has been analyzed on Friday, including the president had been in isolation.

“The president seems great,” Spychalski explained. “We’re in continuous contact with all the relevant medical services”

It wasn’t apparent when Duda was infected. He also attended an investment forum in Tallinn on Monday where he fulfilled Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, who afterward had to self-isolate after being connected with another individual with the virus from his country.

While Duda’s chief constitutional roles include directing foreign policy and registering laws, a lot of his responsibilities are ceremonial, with the vast majority of the nation’s daily governance the duty of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s government.

On Friday, the president visited the National Stadium at Warsaw, which has been changed to an area hospital to take the strain off wellness centers.

Duda along with the Swiateks wore gloves and masks, but stood quite near and shook hands as the president trapped the awards.

Iga Swiatek said she and many others on her staff don’t have any signs but would enter quarantine. She stated they are analyzed regularly and could be analyzed in 3 days.

The quick spread of this virus is compelling Poland’s strained health system to the breaking point. Doctors say patients are currently dying not just from COVID-19 but in different disorders that defeated hospitals aren’t able to take care of.

The government is preparing to start area hospitals but it isn’t clear at which it will come across the physicians and nurses to staff them.