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Coronavirus: Senegalese students in Wuhan Won’t be repatriated

Following the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced the coronavirus that a”public health emergency of global measurements”, several African authorities took prohibitive measures in their boundaries, from sanitary measures in many nations to lockdown from Ghana.

The Senegalese government chose not to repatriate its taxpayers that are students in Wuhan, the Chinese town in the epicenter of the outbreak.

President Macky Sall announced that repatriation wasn’t feasible because of”logistics entirely from Senegal’s reach”

“Senegal doesn’t have the technical, logistical and fiscal way,” he explained.

The statement resulted in furious reactions on social networking, particularly from relatives and parents of the pupils.

“On our degree, we do not consider ourselves, as what worries us is that our fellow countrymen that are at Wuhan, since they’re much more under threat. We’ve got a representative who we talk to regularly. We’re pretty calm here in Beijing, however,” he explained.

“I will guarantee you that there are hundreds of contaminated individuals peacefully drifting about in Senegal,” he wrote.

Ibrahima Niang, a PhD student in Wuhan, stated the Senegalese authorities provided the pupils US$1,000 each as aid, they refused to take.

“How can they suggest to every one of us this quantity and keep saying that they don’t have the financial means?

Senegal under heavy constraints

On March, 14, after Senegal reported that its 20th coronavirus instance, President Sall chose to fortify restrictive measures.

The authorities banned public parties for another 30 days, also penalizing religious occasions.

Cosmetic European belief

Lots of in Senegal are convinced that the virus has been brought into the nation by French and Italian people. This tweet, for example, asserts”Following the Italians at Nigeria as well as the French Senegal, there’s another French man who came into Cameroon with the coronavirus.”

Le Paysa’s daily paper in Burkinabe reported”While some ten states on the continent have verified instances here and there, the instances shown are, for the most part, people of European travelers migrating in the African continent.”

Another paper, L’Evidence, disputed if France had”colonized” the nation.