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Coronavirus: Total risk to Americans Stays low, Says Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has stated the total threat to the American people from fatal coronavirus remains reduced.

“I believe at this time,… the total threat to the American people does stay low,” Trump told reporters on Friday after he saw the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) headquarters in Atlanta.

Based on Johns Hopkins coronavirus tracker at 299 instances of coronavirus are discovered in the USA and 14 people have died because of it.

The entire number of cases internationally stands in 101,88 with 3,460 deaths, by the data accumulated by the college.

Referring to the deaths and cases reported in different nations like China, Trump claimed that coronavirus is under control in America.

“You look at all over the entire world, I suggest, other nations have–South Korea, Italy, and specifically China have lots of. I hear that the numbers are becoming better in these areas, and I have heard that the numbers are becoming better in China. However, I hear that the numbers are becoming better in Italy,” he explained.

In a White House news conference later in the afternoon, Vice President Mike Pence explained that 21 people aboard a cruise boat held from the coast of California have tested positive for the coronavirus.

“All crew and passengers are going to be analyzed for the coronavirus. The ones that need another medical care will get it,” Pence said.

“Allow me to assure that the American people since we did so by Americans coming from China and people coming from another cruise boat we’re taking all steps required to visit the health of these Americans and people concerned on the expansive Princess and just as far to safeguard the health of the American people and block the spread of this disease through communities in this nation,” he explained.

Pence is directing the efforts of this Trump Administration in comprising coronavirus. He’s been holding daily meetings and continues to be addressing joint news conferences along with other leading officials in the White House. “President Trump doesn’t have greater priority than the health and security of the American men and women. He has assembled an outstanding group of Americans and bureaus,” the president said.