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Coronavirus: Trump states wearing a face veil is ‘patriotic’

US President Donald Trump submitted a photograph of himself wearing a mask on Monday, stating that it’s”patriotic” to achieve that.

“Many men and women say it is patriotic to put on a mask when it’s not possible to work out social distancing. And nobody is patriotic as me personally,” Trump submitted on Twitter.

It comes only days when he ruled out imposing a federal mandate requiring individuals to wear face masks in people to stem the spread of this novel coronavirus.

Trump had now avoided being viewed using a face mask and has been just pictured with a single on before this month. The problem has become highly politicized in the nation with some claiming being made to put on a mask according to their constitutional rights.

Trump himself seemed to mock Joe Biden, his chief Democratic rival for the presidential elections earlier this season for wearing a face mask.

“The public demands constant, clean, and attractive messaging which normalizes community masking.

“At this important juncture if COVID-19 is resurging, extensive adoption of fabric face coverings is a civic responsibility, a little sacrifice reliant on an extremely effective low-tech solution which may help turn the tide favorably in domestic and international efforts against COVID-19,” he further added.

France and the UK have made sporting face coverings on public transportation and other public spaces required.