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Coronavirus: UK Recommends’No Mother’ on Mother’s Day

Sunday was Mother’s Day in Britain and also the authorities had a stark message for countless taxpayers: seeing your mother could kill her.

“If your mom is older or vulnerable, then I’m afraid all of the statistics demonstrate that she’s significantly more likely to perish from coronavirus,” he explained.

“This moment, the very best thing would be to ring video call Skype, her, but to prevent any unnecessary physical contact or closeness “

On Friday he said he expected to visit his 77-year-old mum on Mother’s Day.

His office said he’d talk to Skype.

However, people have discovered creative ways to remain in touch, AP reported. Some sons and brothers left Mother’s Day greetings on doorsteps.

Other households intended to sit down for a meal at precisely the same time but in various houses, connected by FaceTime or Skype.

Even the U.K. government is scrambling to toughen its reaction to the coronavirus outbreak amid criticism it didn’t act fast enough to shut schools, restaurants, and pubs.

Britain has 5,018 supported cases and 233 deaths however is after a similar contagion route to hard-hit Italy, which currently has the maximum virus deaths on earth at 4,825.

The British government has advised around 1.5 million ill and older people believed the most vulnerable to remain home for at least 12 months to prevent getting infected.