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Coronavirus: US sets new record for daily cases as Europe clamps down gatherings

The US reported its greatest one-day increase in brand new COVID-19 instances on Thursday as police across Europe urgeD individuals to honor bans on public gatherings after a series of prohibited parties.

According to Johns Hopkins University, 39,972 fresh instances of COVID-19 were listed in America on June 25, the greatest daily amount detected in the nation up to now.

The US is the most severely-hit nation on earth with over 2.4 million supported infections and more than 124,000 deaths listed.

The current surge in cases has led several countries to tighten restrictions again.

Back in Florida, which filed a list of 9,000 new instances on Friday, pubs are currently banned from serving alcohol while at Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has stopped reopening plans.

Bars that make half of the income from the selling of alcohol need to close at midnight on Friday while restaurants can stay open but a diminished capacity.

In Europe, police are calling on individuals to honor social distancing principles and bans on public gatherings as summertime sends folks out in their droves.

Authorities in London cautioned on Friday that tens of thousands of officers could be set up throughout the weekend to close down criminal music events attracting big audiences.

“We’ve seen some substantial quantities of people entirely flouting the health regulations, appearing to not care at all in their own or their families’ health and needing to get big celebrations,” Commissioner Cressida Dick stated.

“It’s sexy. Some folks are only mad and aggressive and a few individuals are abusive,” she added, deploring that officials were concentrated on Thursday evening whilst dividing illegal raves throughout the British capital.

The warning comes following police in Bournemouth, a coastal city some 160 kilometers northwest of London, declared a significant episode on Thursday after tens of thousands of people flocked to the shore on what was once the hottest day of the year up to now.

Neighborhood Council leader Vikki Slade stated she was”absolutely appalled” in the scenes observed on nearby beaches.

“The irresponsible behavior and activities of so many individuals are only shocking and our solutions are extended to the absolute hilt seeking to keep everybody safe.”

‘nobody leaves and no one enters’

Tensions between authorities and revelers were seen in Paris on Sunday as tens of thousands took to the roads of the French capital to celebrate the Fete de la Musique. France, which started to facilitate lockdown limitations on May 10, proceeds to prohibit gatherings of at least 10 people.

Back in Portugal, Prime Minister Antonio Costa declared on Thursday that portions of the greater Lisbon area will once more be restricted to their houses from July 1 till at least July 14. Individuals will simply be permitted to leave their house to purchase essential goods and also to go to work while parties of more than five individuals will be banned.

In Italy, the military has been sent in to protect an apartment complex at Mondragone, a seaside town about 50 kilometers northwest of Naples, to make sure taxpayers respect a quarantine order.

Reports that a number of those Bulgarians had fled from the complicated sparked anger from the town.

It comes following the World Health Organisation’s European office cautioned that an increase in per week instances was recorded in Europe a week to the first time in weeks.

“Thirty nations have seen gains in fresh cumulative cases within the previous two weeks. In 11 of those states, the hastened transmission has caused very considerable resurgence that when left unattended will drive health systems into the blink once more in Europe,” Dr. Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO regional director for Europe, said in a statement.