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Coronavirus: What Is it like Traveling through Italy amid the COVID-19 lockdown?

Euronews delivered reporter Michele Carlino to some road-trip through secured down Italy as the country struggles to include coronavirus.

In southern Italy — that hasn’t been as hard hit since the north of this nation — motorways are vacant.

The only people on the streets are individuals that have an “accredited, severe and justifiable” reason for traveling,” states Carlino.

The ones that have excursions that can’t be postponed need to complete a form, in which you describe your reasons and subsequently signal.

Carlino has his confirmed by mask-wearing officials since he chooses a vacant ferry out of southern Italy around to Sicily.

The airport farther south in Catania is abandoned, where there’s an avalanche of canceled flights around the”death” boards.

The travelers which are there maintain their distance from one another, while airport officials talk through protective masks.

Carlino’s trip to France is as vacant as the airport he is only left.

Upon arriving at Lyon, southern France, it’s not the same picture. More individuals but fewer indications there’s a coronavirus outbreak, with only a sole data panel alerting Carlino into the pandemic.