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Coronavirus: WHO Main Tedros Adhanom feared a pandemic Only five months ago

You can not say he did not warn us.

Talking to Euronews this past year, international health leader Tedros Adhanom stated the world wasn’t prepared for a pandemic.

A few short months later and the entire world has one.

Adhanom, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), said worldwide health authorities had investment when the entire world was to see off a pandemic.

“The entire world ought to spend in health system strengthening and repairing the roof until the rain comes,” he explained.

“Half of the planet’s inhabitants do not have access to health care services, and 100 million descend into poverty due to out-of-pocket payments”

He chased the influenza pandemic of 1917 and 1918, which killed around 100 million people, and cautioned that the entire world had been”very vulnerable” to an aerial outbreak.

“Countries with poor health systems affect the entire world,” he added.

“We’re just as strong as the weakest link. We will need to invest in preparation, in solidarity, so the entire planet is ready.”

The coronavirus has spread from China to 114 countries globally, such as Italy, that has been set on lockdown after a surge of instances. The WHO categorized the coronavirus for a pandemic in a media conference in Switzerland on Wednesday.

This was Tedros Adhanom stating COVID-19 was a pandemic on Wednesday, 11 March: