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Cory Booker drops from the presidential race

D-N.J., announced Monday he’s falling out of the Democratic presidential race.

With his passing, former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is currently the only black candidate staying from the 12-candidate Democratic chief.

“Almost 1 year ago, I got in the race because I thought to my heart that the reply to this frequent pain Americans are feeling at this time, the response to Donald Trump’s hatred and division would be to reignite our spirit of shared purpose to undertake our most significant challenges and construct a more just and honest country for everybody,” he explained in an email to supporters obtained by NBC News. “I have always thought that. I still feel that. I am proud I compromised my beliefs in these principles in this effort to score political points or tear others down “

“And perhaps I am stubborn, but I will never leave my beliefs in what we can achieve when we combine,” he continued. “I shall carry this fight ahead — I simply will not be doing this as a candidate for president this past year. Buddy, it is with a complete heart that I discuss this information — I have chosen to suspend my campaign for president”

“It was a challenging choice to make, however, I got in this race to win, and I have always said I would not continue if there wasn’t anymore a route to success,” he told fans. “Our effort has reached the stage where we want more cash to scale and keep creating a campaign that may win — cash we do not have, and cash that’s more difficult to increase since I will not be on another debate stage and since the pressing business of impeachment will be keeping me in Washington.”

Booker said that he was”proud of their notions” his effort brought into the primary, such as those on gun control and criminal justice reform.

Booker polled at roughly 2% nationwide, based on this RealClearPolitics polling typical, and has been knocked off the discussion stage in recent months.

Before this month,” Booker stated the president’s inaugural impeachment trial, along with other things in Washington, D.C., could deal a”large, big blow” into his presidential ambitions. In September, his effort requested supporters for contributions, stating if Booker didn’t immediately increase almost $2 million, his campaign would not have any route ahead.