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Could COVID-19 be transmitted via water pipes? The narrative of a Hong Kong evacuation

Health authorities in Hong Kong quarantined roughly 100 inhabitants residing in precisely the same apartment complex following two occupants tested positive for the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19.

The inhabitants affected by the disease — a 62-year-old lady along with a 75-year-old male individual — lived on different floors of Hong Mei House, sparking fears that the virus may be transmitted via drainage pipes.

Hong Kong’s Centre for Health Protection said that they had been exploring whether the two cases were connected and encouraged citizens to wash and disinfect pipes and placing down the toilet lid before flushing.

Over 300 of those instances of SARS in Hong Kong was connected to a massive apartment complex where the virus spread via the sewage system and environmental contamination, a Hong Kong government investigation found.

Transport to quarantine centres
On specialist recommendation, the authorities quarantined residents residing in all units plotted 07 on 30 distinct floors. Approximately 100 residents from these families were being moved to quarantine centers from the home situated at the shore of town, the Centre for Health Protection said.

At the flat in which the 62-year-old girl was still living,”the vent pipe in the bathroom that was altered without consent was sealed up,” authorities said.

“The general public is recommended to keep at all times rigorous environmental and personal hygiene that’s essential to private defense against disease and prevention of the spread of this illness locally,” a spokesperson for the health department said.

The book coronavirus — formally called COVID-19 — was reported in late December at Wuhan, China. There are now 50 instances of the virus from Hong Kong and people coming from mainland China need to undergo quarantine for 14 days.