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Courteney Cox And Lisa Kudrow Hung From The Fire To Celebrate Friends’ 25th Anniversary

Last updated on September 25, 2019

For the 25th anniversary of this classic sitcom, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow hung for a mini-reunion with a couple of celebrity friends. Singer Charlie Puth, comedian Judd Apatow, and celebrity Dan Bucatinsky were there to join, as Kudrow shared a snap onto Instagram of this group hanging outside.

“So eager to observe we burst into flames,” Kudrow captioned her photograph. Meanwhile, Courteney snapped another with Puth and Apatow from the shot, composing another fire-based pun.

“Trying to play it cool with this warmth. #friends25.”

While the couple was definitely serving us pleasure Friends vibes, they were hanging out to Bucatinsky’s birthday, together with Courteney serving as the sponsor to its”great evening”

“Happy Birthday and Bon Courage to my pal and spouse @danbucatinsky. Thank you @courteneycoxofficial to get a fantastic evening!” Composed Kudrow.

Actual talk, however. We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all this Friends love hanging from lovers such as Meghan Trainor, parties like the pop-up occasions including the sofa in Central Perk, as well as the theatrical variations of pick episodes at movie theaters across the nation.

It has been a trip viewing all of the love hanging out to the sitcom and the intriguing stories about manufacturing that have followed, like the tweak into Monica’s pilot plot that might have ended up quite differently. While the book was pretty much closed on any kind of new teaser series or reboot, we can still dream, right? And celeb hangouts such as those snaps over give us hope, 1 day, it might finally occur. Plus, who does not wish to pretend they are hanging out with two of the sexiest girls in Friends history?