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COVID-19: Airlines under fire selling cheap tickets for flights after cancelled

Airlines also have defended the decision to sell tickets for flights which are canceled days afterward since the coronavirus pandemic continues to devastate the tourism and aviation businesses.

Test Achats, a community of consumer organizations in Europe and Latin America, has promised that airlines are selling cheap tickets for flights that are later canceled in a desperate effort to enhance liquidity following months of lockdowns around Europe and the entire world.

“There are just two things to notice: the costs were quite low and the flights were also canceled. And when they had been rescheduled, the cost had been multiplied by 50 or 100. That is a strategy for getting money flow,” he explained.

Euronews contacted a number of those businesses which have received complaints, such as Tui, Ryanair and Brussels Airlines.

TUI affirmed that some flights are canceled and many others regrouped in neighboring destinations to stop airplanes from flying practically vacant, but denied it was a commercial plan.

“We’re going to repay, or so the liquidity won’t remain a whole lot of time. On top, they’ve paid and will find another ticket to the same destination,” said TUI Belgium’s Piet Demeyere.

In a statement, Brussels Airlines confessed a lack of need had forced the cancellation of several flights, however, insisted that flights could be rescheduled for another date in the same cost.

Ryanair is to comment.

Meanwhile, the European Commission said it’s started receiving complaints regarding the issue. It worried that passengers are eligible for refunds of flights despite airlines offering coupons instead – and that it had been ready to apply the entitlement if necessary.

“It’s the best of the passenger to payoff or a coupon.