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COVID-19: Immunity to coronaviruses Can last Only Half a Year, says new Research

A Chinese poll team on Wednesday attained Mount Everest through Tibet to remeasure the specific height of the planet’s tallest mountain.

On May 1, China, which disagrees with Nepal on the elevation of Mount Everest, started afresh survey to assess the elevation of the planet’s highest summit.

The occasion marked a critical step in China’s mission to remeasure the height of the planet’s highest summit, which scientists believe could improve human understanding of the character and help enhance scientific advancement, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

After summiting, staff members started erecting a survey mark on the snow-covered summit, which measures less than 20 square meters,” the report stated.

Chinese surveyors have run six rounds of improved measurement and scientific study about Mt Everest and published the elevation of this summit twice in 1975 and 2005, which was 8,848.13 meters and 8,844.43 meters, the report stated.

In Tibetan language, Mount Everest is called Mount Qomolangma.

A growing number of international climbers are allegedly using the Tibetan side of Mount Everest since China has enhanced infrastructure facilities in contrast to that of Nepal.

Nepal closed all its Himalayan peaks such as Mount Everest in March in light of this coronavirus outbreak.

Chinese technology company Huawei is operating with China Mobile to construct two 5G channels on Mount Everest.

The channels are expected to pay the summit of this mountain. Both installations are the world’s greatest terrestrial 5G base channels, Global Times reported on May 1.

“The 6,500-meter-high stage will probably be the maximum location where Huawei can construct a 5G channel, but if the sign can extend as large as the summit at 8,848 meters nevertheless has to be analyzed. We’re trying to make that happen,” Zhang Bo, Huawei job manager stated.