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COVID-19 vaccine in Russia:’It Is Not as a vaccine and Much More of a Molotov cocktail’, Specialist says

In the worldwide search for a COVID-19 vaccine, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared on Tuesday his country was just one step forward.

Russia has declared a locally designed vaccine was granted regulatory approval and might be accessible to the general public in the forthcoming months.

President Putin claims that the vaccine has gone through all essential security evaluations, but health experts are increasing concerns over the rate of its growth.

Talking to Euronews, the former Associate Commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Peter Pitts, voiced his doubts about Russia’s statement.

“There is no data, there is no transparency, there is no FDA at Russia [and] they have got a record of approving vaccines and drugs with very little if any testing,” said Pitts, who’s also President of the Centre for Medicine in the Public Interest.

“It is less of a vaccine and much more of a Molotov cocktail at this time, which is precisely what we do not need in the world struggle against COVID-19”.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reacted to Russia’s statement by underlining the”rigorous processes” which are needed for licensing a vaccine.

Last week the WHO also said it had found”nothing official” in Russia’s vaccine study.

There are now 167 viable vaccine study applicants across the planet, 28 of which have been in a process of”clinical examination”.

Peter Pitts advised Euronews he anticipates that numerous COVID-19 vaccines will be designed for various demographics, but states that concentrate on Russia’s most up-to-date statement ought to be prevented.

“We can not permit this hype to take our eye off the prize, and it can be a sound, high quality, well-vetted, and well-regulated vaccine”

“Shame on us if we permit this statement to slow down for a single moment the evolution of a good, science-based vaccine”.