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Cristiano Ronaldo is not the toughest Competition but Gareth Bale is, for former Manchester City defender Micah Richards

The back, who last played for Aston Villa though does not speed the Portuguese since the toughest competition he has confronted.

. .He and Messi are incredible; Van Dijk was great but what Messi and Ronaldo do is amazing,” Richards told

“For me personally, it is Gareth Bale. .when he had been at Tottenham he had been a leading player, and he is. He and I used to possess one-on-one conflicts,” Richards said concerning the toughest competition he’s played. The guardian won both the Premier League in Addition to the FA Cup with City.

Speaking about prior Fiorentina teammate and present Liverpool talisman, Mohamed Salah,” Richards reported that teh Egyptian would probably continue to increase in the years ahead.

“I presume he will last for a long time. I played him Fiorentina, and he had been doing the exact same then. For me personally, I believe he can get better and better, and it is great he has a supervisor who believes in him,” Richards explained.