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Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? Sprint legend Usain Bolt makes his decision clear

Last updated on September 22, 2019

There’s not any wonder in modern day soccer that may spark a larger argument than this . It just makes sense to present the query to sporting legend Usain Bolt, that had a tiny soccer encounter after benefitting from sprinting. The eight-time Olympic gold medalist Bolt was recently contested the same by In his response, the Jamaican left his selection crystal clear.

On being questioned who’s had the ideal soccer career one of them both, Bolt said:”Both! A lot of men and women are asking this question, however they’re just two geniuses of soccer. I’ve always been a major fan of Ronaldo. I respect his ability to be successful in various championships: England, Spain and Italy.”

He was asked who’d he be rooting for at the forthcoming FIFA Best awards one of Messi, Ronaldo and Liverpool’s Virgil Van Dijk. In his response, Bolt said:”All these are 3 players that are wonderful. For his part, Van Dijk has only won the UEFA trophy and in view of his own performances in Liverpool last year, his time could have come. However, as a supporter of Manchester United, I would definitely vote for Ronaldo!”

Bolt further contained Ronaldo in his fantasy team of footballers for teaming up at a 4x100m relay occasion.

When he inquired whom he sees as the future stars to substitute Ronaldo and Messi, Bolt said:”There are a whole lot of very promising young players: Mbappé, Neymar, Jadon Sancho… I cannot wait to learn what the Ajax alumni, Mattthijs de Ligt and Frenkie de Jong, are likely to perform in their new clubs. There’s also Eden Hazard in Real Madrid. I am buddies with Raheem Sterling, Paul Pogba and Leon Bailey, therefore I expect they will continue to perform well in the long run.”