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Cruise ship in Italy at lockdown over Dreaded coronavirus case

More than 6,000 vacationers were obstructed on a cruise boat in Italy on Thursday following the huge lining was put on lockdown over two suspected cases of the mortal coronavirus.

Samples from a Chinese couple were shipped for testing following three physicians and a nurse boarded the Costa Crociere boat in the port of Civitavecchia to often some girl running a psychologist, the local health officials stated.

Costa Crociere affirmed the boat, carrying some 7,000 people such as the team, was in lockdown.

It stated it a 54-year old girl from Macau”was put in solitary confinement at the on-board hospital with her traveling companion”, and has been following directions in the health ministry.

The couple flew into Milan from Hong Kong on January 25, before putting on the railway, according to Italian press reports.

“The couple’s cottage was isolated and they’re in with all the physicians,” an undercover passenger was quoted as telling ANSA news agency.

“We are a little concerned of course. No-one is getting on or off the boat aside from the physicians.

China reported its largest single-day leap in book coronavirus deaths on Thursday, as international fears deepened with 15 countries confirming ailments.

The World Health Organization, that originally uttered a disorder which has killed 170 in China, was planning to meet Thursday to decide whether to announce it a worldwide crisis.