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Daniel Craig on starring in Knives Out sequel:’I Would be on the moon’

Last updated on January 22, 2020

Bond celebrity Daniel Craig stated he’s up to get a Knives Out sequel if director Rian Johnson is prepared to go for round two. The 51-year-old celebrity played detective Benoit Blanc from the struck comedy-thriller, composed and directed by Johnson. Asked whether he’d be prepared to reprise Benoit’s function, Craig told Entertainment Weekly, “Sure. I mean, I would do anything to get Rian. When he writes something, I will take action. I will. Why would not I?” The British performer said he had a wonderful time working on the acclaimed whodunit.

“I had a whole lot of fun doing this. You aim for this every moment, you plan for this to work out. It rarely does, but it did that film and just how pleasant is that?” He included.

Last week, Rian affirmed he’d be interested in creating a Knives Out followup. Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter at Lionsgate’s pre-Golden Globes celebration he is creating a sequel. Within another movie, Benoit Blanc is going to be viewed as exploring a new instance. Rian told them he was seeking to begin production next year.

The detective takes the assistance of this author’s immigrant nurse to address the mystery and browse the numerous, less than favorable relationships he shared with his loved ones.

The movie was nominated for Golden Globes in numerous classes but failed to win any award.