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Danish Mayfly Selected as 2021’s Insect of the Year

The Danish Mayfly was picked since 2021’s Insect of the Year with several scientists representing fundamental European research associations.

The insect, whose scientific name is Ephemera danica, is famed because of its brief lifespan: it just has a couple of days to fly, mate and lay new eggs until it expires.

This is only because it develops no mouth parts nor a working gut.

It’s one of 140 species which reside in Central Europe and, though it’s called Danish, is seen as far afield as the United Kingdom and Ireland.

They’re regarded as an integral element in fishing: large amounts of ephemera danica between May and June helps draw trout searching for insects to feed .

“Why is the mayfly particular is its own life cyclefrom the egg laid in the water into the insect capable of breeding and flight, which expires after a couple of days,” explained Thomas Schmitt, chairman of comission representing specialists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland which made the selection.

But despite its brief lifespan, it has a much longer growth cycle.

Larvae hatch within a couple of days, and develop gills. Buried in riverbeds, they choose between a few years to grow.

Schmitt stated:”Shortly before the transition from aquatic to terrestrial life, a layer of atmosphere forms between the new and old skin of the mature mammals.

“By reducing its particular weight, the larva increases to the surface. Once there, the larval skin pops and in a few moments a flyable mayfly hatches.”

The commission was choosing one insect annually since 1999 to”attract an exemplary species nearer to individuals.”