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DC Comics Fans: The’Gotham City Sirens’ Movie May *Really * Occur

wDC Comics fans are expecting, waiting, and wishing to get a Gotham City Sirens film for ages. There’s been much back and forth about whether the movie could be possible, and when it was, who’d be featured inside?

Lately, Twitter went mad with all the information that Warner Bros. has started very early discussions about a new film that would comprise Harley Quinn. Is it the Gotham City Sirens film that fans have been searching for?

There isn’t any affirmation, but some think Gotham City Sirens’ may occur.
Based on Jeremy Conrad, a writer for DCEU Mythic, a news site that covers the DC Extended Universe, there are unquestionably feelers out suggesting a new DC movie is in the works and it’ll contain Harley Quinn and may return to theatres in 2022.

Jeremy wrote, “In speaking with numerous sources now I have discovered that Warner has started very early discussions and talks about what another big-screen Harley project is. There is simply no word yet on precisely what the job is, although I am sure fans are crossing their fingers for Gotham City Sirens.”

He continued, “A year or two back, back before Birds of Prey was turned into a Harley Quinn film, there were rumors about that starting with this film Warner desired to attribute Harley in some manner each year at a DC movie. 2020 is BoP, 2021 will be The Suicide Squad, so whatever they are discussing today could wind up arriving as early as 2022.”

Back in December 2016, The Hollywood Reporter maintained that Margot Robbie will be reprising her role as Harley Quinn to get a Gotham City Sirens movie.

The filmmaker, who headed Warner Bros.’ all-bad man comic book film Suicide Squad, is reuniting with this movie’s star, Margot Robbie, for Gotham City Sirens, a characteristic project which will showcase the best female villains in the DC stable”

IMDB also has a webpage for the film where they’ve Margot recorded as the only cast member as well as the description, “After three of Gotham City’s most infamous female offenders on one of the most dangerous missions “

In the time of the news, the movie was set to be”fast-tracked” to production and could most certainly be achieved and published by today.

By ScreenRant, Warner Bros. started to change up its approach regarding its DC movies. This new approach comprised Gotham City Sirens being placed on pause.

He did not have a lot of information to give, apart from stating, “No, I think that it’s on pause. ”’

After DCEU Mythic tweeted the rumors of DC execs talking about a brand new Harley Quinn job, Twitter went crazy with trust. @BatmanFiles tweeted, “If another film featuring Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is not Gotham City Sirens I am gonna have worded WB.”