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Dead deer Located in Thailand with Tummy Filled with plastic waste

Officials estimate the bull had died at least 2 times before.

“When vets analyzed the bull’s stomach they found a great deal of garbage — the majority of it’s plastic,” explained Kriangsak Thanompan, a manager of the secure area in the Khun Sathan National Park.

A first examination revealed that the bull had died from gastrointestinal obstruction following swallowing garbage as time passes. Vets discovered plastic bags, used noodle and coffee packs, rubber gloves, handkerchiefs, panties along with a plastic rope at its gut.

“The location we discovered that the bull is a secure forest but it’s near individual communities in addition to streets where passersby sometimes mess,” he explained.

This past year the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation prohibited the use of foam and plastic in each the nation’s national parks but it’s not ceased animals from perishing from plastic waste.

Earlier this year an orphaned baby dugong appeared in southern Thailand expired from bits of plastic clogging her digestive tract.

In June this past year, a pilot whale has been found dead with 80 bits of plastic garbage weighing eight kilograms in its gut.

Environmentalists say Thailand generates two million tonnes of plastic waste annually with roughly 75 billion bits of plastic bags end up in the waste yearly.

The Thai authorities said it is working together with companies to decrease the usage of single-use plastic totes by January 2020 and also to prohibit three kinds of vinyl — microbeads, cap seals and exo-degradable plastics — from the end of 2019.