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Democratic candidates threaten to boycott presidential debate Within Labour dispute

A Democratic presidential argument scheduled for next week in California was thrown into upheaval on Friday when seven of those candidates who have qualified for the period threatened to not attend due to a labor dispute in the website.

The union, Unite Here Local 11, declared Friday that it might picket the argument, and Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Tom Steyer, and Andrew Yang immediately stated they wouldn’t cross that line.

Warren was the first to talk, hinting the marriage” is fighting to get better salaries and benefits — and that I stand with them” She called out the Democratic National Committee, stating the”DNC must discover a solution that lives up to our party’s commitment to struggle for working people. I won’t cross the union’s picket line even though it means missing the argument.”

Warren’s tweet was followed shortly after by fellow innovative Sanders, who tweeted, “I stand with all the employees” who are combating an LMU contractor, Sodexo, “to get a much better contract. I won’t be crossing their picket line”

Yangadditionally tweeted solidarity and stated he wouldn’t cross the picket line. “We have to live our worth and there’s not anything more heart to the Democratic Party compared to the struggle for working people,” Yang tweeted.

Candidate Juli├ín Castro hasn’t qualified for the argument but urged his fellow candidates to not attend.

“No candidate for the Democratic Party nomination must cross a picket line,” he tweeted.

In a media release, the marriage stated its 150 cooks, dishwashers, cashiers and servers happen to be in discussions with Sodexo, which runs the food service performance on campus, since March, but have yet to achieve a bargain. They started picketing on campus a month, and also the launch said Sodexo abruptly canceled scheduled contract discussions a week.

“We’d expected that employees would have a contract with salary and cheap health insurance before the discussion next week. Rather, employees will be picketing once the candidates come to campus,” explained Unite co-president, Susan Minato.

The initial debate website was presumed to have been UCLA however, it had been transferred to LMU because of a labor negotiation dispute at UCLA.

Eight candidates hit on the benchmarks to produce the argument point, and among these, Sen. Kamala Harris has fallen from the race.

The seven surviving candidates that characterized by 200,000 or donors and hitting 4 percent in four state or national studies are Warren, Sanders, Yang, Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Tom Steyer.

Last month’s Democratic presidential argument, the fifth of this cycle, featured ten candidates on point.