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Dipika Pallikal Recommends national squash federation to Develop with’long-term Remedy’ to Repair coaching woes

Last updated on September 14, 2019

Ever since that time, the body has neglected to employ a permanent overseas coach, also in Aprilthey indicated that the concept of hiring event-based coaches rather than full-time ones.

“Someone stating they will get event-based coach, a few are saying it is going to be a short-term mentor and a few are saying that there is not going to be a coach. It’s a small confusion at this time. A short term or event-based coach isn’t a long-term alternative for virtually any sport. You have to get a suitable arrangement and a foundation,” she explained.

The 27-year-old further added that a participant will find it difficult to have a mentor who doesn’t know their style of play. “You should have a full-time trainer if you’d like to win awards to the nation. You can’t have a trainer for an occasion who doesn’t have a clue how you perform and hasn’t had communicating with you. A coach-student connection is constructed when a trainer spends time with you to know exactly what you go through. I might not enjoy a trainer to come in between matches and speak to me personally, but the way the new trainer is supposed to understand that. It isn’t how squash will expand in India. It’s a miserable situation, but we can’t do much,” she added.

Pallikal also went to tackle IOA’s strategies to boycott CWG 2022 within the exception of shooting. The entire body in July, had stated they are thinking about pulling out of this multi-sport occasion so as to protest against the exception of shooting, where India has won awards through recent years. Union Sports minister Kiren Rijiju, in August a week, stated that the IOA officials met him to talk about the problem, and added it is too premature to make a forecast of the size.

Pallikal explained that boycotting CWG will be unjust to all of the other athletes at the county. “I believe its unpleasant. You’re stealing other people’s odds of winning prizes due to exclusion of a single sport. Yes, the shooters do well for the nation. The majority of the awards come out of them. However, you can’t rob 1 individual’s likelihood of winning a trophy just because one game isn’t there. I’m pretty sure they’d have said it at a spur of the minute. Because winning awards is extreme important for IOA, but naturally, they need to rethink the reason why they explained,” Pallikal explained.

The Asian Games bronze medalist is presently taking a rest from the game following a demanding 2018. But she expects to earn a return .