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Divide over Europe: Can the Conservatives’ internal wranglings influence election chances?

With only a week to go before the vote that will determine the destiny of Brexit. The Conservatives lead the opposition Labour Party in opinion polls but they did in 2017 also and failed to garner a majority.

Among those grand old parties of British politics, the Conservative Party has ever been deeply divided for many years. And the principal reason behind the inner divide in Europe.

Many Conservatives, especially in rural and less affluent areas, visit the bloc as cooperating in the British method of life, fostering immigration and imposing undesirable regulations and laws. So, for nearly as long since the UK was in the EU, the third party was considering its potential inside.

A celebration of free enterprise, low taxation and wealth production, they have presided over years of austerity and financial development. But they have also faced accusations they are selling off the UK’s trophy resources, like the National Health Service while dismissing the working classes and pensioners